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The Grow Room Canada

The Grow Room Canada is a team of professional experts who strive to create a cannabis growing community. The Grow Room Canada has all you need to grow outstanding cannabis, from information to product recommendations.

Home Growing Your Marijuana

Growing your own cannabis in Regina has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Taking cultivation into your own hands gives you complete control of the products used to grow your cannabis, giving you full knowledge of the process and a better understanding of the plant. It also allows you to explore growing techniques, genetics, harvest times, and curing strategies.

A huge benefit for home growing cannabis in Regina is that you know exactly what is feeding your plant. It’s not being shipped, and radiated, and tested, and packaged by the time you receive it. It is fresh and as organic and natural as you decide to make it.

There are multiple options for home growing to utilize whatever space you have and options if you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to invest.

Growing plants can be very therapeutic and stress-relieving. It is widely known and acknowledged that it has a noticeable relaxing effect on the body. It also develops a new skill set and a sense of accomplishment! Having living plants in the home can help with air purification, removing toxins, and eliciting a calming influence and energy.

The whole plant is useable and very beneficial to your health as the plant still contains valuable properties.

Drawback From Home Growing

You could argue that there are a few drawbacks to home growing. It is important to realize difficulties that can arise from growing your own cannabis. Pest, mould, and other diseases can rapidly sabotage an entire crop and if you are new to growing, the potential of making some costly mistakes as you learn through trial and error. It does take commitment, some patience, and the willingness to learn.

However, we have solutions to all of these drawbacks. Through knowledge and support from the Grow Room, any problems that may arise, we will find a solution to it. If time and commitment is something you don’t have to put into this plant, we have many options and professional here to help. We want everyone who is new to home growing to succeed with their yields and continue to promote wellness and education.

Home Growing Tools & Supplies

What do you need to start growing at home?

  1. Space: Small bedroom, basement, closet. Grow Cabinet, Grow Tent, Grow Tables
  2. Lighting: Timers, ballasts, hood, lamp (bulb)
  3. Soils: Organic or soluble (chemical fertilizer) Soilless medium (coco fibre) Hydroponic?
  4. Water: Use filtered, dechlorinated, or reverse osmosis. The better quality of water, the better quality of your plants.
  5. Nutrients: Organic or soluble. Simple or in-depth systems.

Grow Mediums

A growing medium or grow medium is what you’re growing your cannabis roots in, whether that substance is soil, perlite, coco coir, Rockwool, vermiculite, water, etc. Your cannabis plant will thrive as long as the roots have room to grow and have consistent access to fresh water, oxygen, and the proper nutrients at proper levels. There are a variety of ways to satisfy all these needs of a weed plant while growing, and each has its own pros and cons!

Hydroponics in Regina

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil. This technique instead uses a mineral nutrients solution in a water solvent, allowing the nutrient uptake process to be more efficient than when using soil. Plants need water and nutrients to grow, both easily obtained from the soil. But if they can get these things somewhere else—say, by standing with their roots in a nutrient-rich solution—they can do without soil altogether. That's the basic principle behind hydroponics.

Some advantages hydroponics have over a soil medium is that unlike plants in soil, they do not need to develop extensive root structures to search for nutrients, therefore quickening the development of the plant. You can harvest more strains of cannabis per year.

Hydroponic Kits in Regina

Hydroponic production often allows higher crop yields from smaller areas. Plant density is limited only by available light under controlled conditions.

Soil-borne insect and disease problems are reduced Nutrient application timing (watering) and nutrient quantities (strength) can be custom-tailored to the marijuana plant's specific needs.

One of the drawbacks of hydroponics is it is an advanced system, so it may be challenging for a new grower. Grow knowledge about plant nutrition and system operation is vital. It also is a costly investment and specialized equipment and complex nutrients are necessary.

Sanitation is also extremely important, as water-borne plant diseases can spread quickly and decimate entire crops.


Other grow mediums available are known as soilless mediums. Soilless mediums look a lot like regular soil but are completely empty of nutrients. Like hydroponics, you control everything that goes into your soil. Your plants have nutrients delivered directly to their roots, and often experience quicker growth and higher yields. It also is very forgiving! If you make a mistake, it can often be corrected by rinsing out the soil and starting fresh.

The drawback? It is empty. So knowledge of nutrients is important as well as controlling the PH of your water.


Nutrient ready soil, also known as super soil, is a wonderful medium for new growers. It already contains essential nutrients for your plant’s growth and monitoring the PH of your water is not necessary. It is complete and organic. We recommend this medium to any new growers that want to test their green thumb.

The only drawback to planting in nutrient ready soil is that it may take longer for your plants to grow to full maturity, as the cannabis roots spend more time seeking nutrients from the soil.

Grow Units

Grow Tents:

Grow tents are a quality and inexpensive option for growing at home. They come in various sizes, depending on your space at home and desired yield and they are also versatile with many different lighting and ventilation accessories.

The drawback with tent growing is that they are as secure as a suitcase. Order grow tents online right here.

Grow Closets:

Grow closets are another option for home growing. These units are basically self-contained growing systems. They are secure and smell proof. So if you have children it’s a good option for safety. You need to still regulate your room temperature, so putting this cabinet in the garage mid-winter will not likely produce.

FAQs on the safety of homegrown cannabis

Electrical Concerns?

Electrical problems can occur if your equipment is not installed properly if it’s old, or overuse of outlets. These concerns are easily avoidable! Make sure that your equipment is new or inspected by a professional, if you are uncomfortable with installing it by yourself, there is support! We offer an installation service to ensure your home is safe.

Mold & Pests & Contaminants?

Ventilation is very important to preventing mould, pests and contaminants from damaging your house. Water leakage, too much humidity in your space, negligent cleaning routines can all lead to these issues. We are confident that our assistance and support will ensure that those types of situations can be avoided. Treatment options for pests and moulds, education on preventative practices, cleaning regularly, and good overall maintenance will ensure you do not run into any of these problems.

Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics in Regina

The Grow Room Canada has the ability to show you how to cultivate organic food and medicinal products for yourself. We think the future of self-sustainability is in indoor gardening and it is becoming more relevant in an environment that needs self-sustainable practices. 

Our goal is to give Canadians the best range of the latest products and techniques for indoor gardening and hydroponics in Regina. We aim to give the best possible customer support, and our expert team of growers and suppliers educates customers with all their needs for "growing their own."

Our customers are still our highest priority. If you are a hobby house grower or a big commercial grower, we're focused on offering the best products, services, know-how, and solutions for the best price possible to meet your growing needs.