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The Mars Hydro TSL 2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Bar draws 300 watts at the wall and covers up to a 6'x3' area for vegging and a 4'x2' for flowering. This fixture is ideal for a seedling to harvest grow in a grow tent or in a grow room.

Mars Hydro
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Product description

Technical Specs

Wattage draw: 300W 

HID equivalent: 450 watts

LEDs: SMD Epistar; 50,000-hour lifespan

Spectrum: Full spectrum for seed to flower growth

Coverage area: 

  • Veg: 3' x 6'
  • Flower: 2' x 4'

PPF: 2.1-2.35 umol/J

Light output: 690 umol/s

Thermal management: Passive cooling

Daisy chain: No

Operating/input voltage: 85v-265v AC


  • 120V: 2.5A
  • 240V: 1.35A

Product weight: 27 lbs


  • 42" x 13.7" x 6.2" 
  • 108cm x 35cm x 16cm

Recommended height above plants:

  • Seedling: 24"
  • Veg: 18" - 24"
  • Flower: 12" - 18"

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