Super Sprouter

Seedling Heat Mat



Description Of The Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat

Warms root region 10–20° F over ambient temperature to increase germination. Assisted gardeners, with seedlings and cuttings, have higher success rates. Great for one regular 10 x 20” propagation tray. This mat is very sturdy and well constructed. More than 20% bigger than competitor mats. This allows for more even heat distribution with fewer hot spots. The heating is more consistent.

Mat Technologies

Additional lightning over this area will increase success rates with germination and cloning. These sleeves are 20% bigger than competition sleeves. The rooting area is warmed-over atmospheric temperature 10–20 degrees F to increase germination. This mat is very sturdy for heavy-duty building.

Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat Overview 

The Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat is a great choice for all 110V plug propagation mats. It provides an exacting optimal gain in temperatures and it is a simple plug-and-play device.  Precisely regulated temperature provides maximum steady growth. The craftsmanship is guaranteed against manufacturing and material failures for a whole year.

Benefits Of Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat

  • The heavy-duty workmanship renders this heat mat very sturdy
  • The Super Sprouter warms the rooting area by 10°F-20°F above environmental temperatures to increase the process of germination.
  • Enhances rooting and germination phase
  • Heats the tray consistently with fewer hot spots

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