One Hitter Kards - 6 Festive Styles!


$5.95 $10.95

The Cannabis greeting card with a decorative one hitter attached. Enjoy your Hit and get Lit! Because of their slender profile, one hitters are perfect for a discreet toke - you can take this One Hitter and get lit any time of the day.

Choose from 6 different festive options (size - 5"x7"):

  1. "Lovely Weather for a Joint Ride Together with you" - Inside: Happy Holidaze
  2. "Light up the Holidays" - Inside: Blank
  3. "Let's Get Baked" - Inside: I know your already baked but I am trying to get Toasted! Happy Holidaze!
  4. "Ho Ho High" - Inside: Blank
  5. "Let's Get High Under the Mistletoe" - Inside: Mistlestoned
  6. "Let's Blaze for the Holidaze" - Inside: Blank


* All Kards include an envelope

* Disclaimer: No Cannabis Included

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