Advanced Nutrients

Kushie Kush

SKU: 5120-14

$32.50 $64.99

Kushie Kush by Advanced Nutrients is specifically blended for Kush plantsto increase the size and quality of your yields. Kushie Kush promotes bigger yield size as well as more essential oil and resin secretions for potency.

Take your flowers to the next level with Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush. Formulated precisely for bloom boosting specific species of plants, Kushie Kush promises better results and bigger yields than the competition.

By providing extra phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) and some nitrogen (N) in exactly the right amounts, Kushie Kush induces profuse flowering and intense oils in certain plants.

Advanced Nutrients calls it “A push for your Kush”! Nowhere else can you find a bloom booster so fine-tuned to these plants!

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