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Heavy Duty Black Saucer



About The Gro Pro Heavy Duty Black Saucer

Gro Pro High-Quality Black Plastics Saucers are available in different sizes. Sustainable, hard, washable, and recycled plastic. New large pots for larger nurseries. New sizes. These saucers last indoors and outdoors for years. Take the width of the largest section of the saucer's lip. The base of the saucer is slightly narrower in diameter and tapered from the rim.

Description Of Gro Pro Heavy Duty Black Saucer

Gro Pro provides a full range of quality containers for indoor and outdoor growing for all gardeners, starting or fully experienced. The heavy-duty black saucer is sustainable, hard, washable, and made of recycled plastic. These saucers will last indoors and outdoors for years. 

These heavy-duty black saucers are very dense and robust so that they retain their structure and shape, even if fully filled with water or soil. These large black saucers won't crumble as lightweight saucers do. 

Robust & Reusable

Robust and reusable, the heavy-duty black saucer comes to match most pots of different sizes. Use them to store wastewater and surface runoff. Putting a saucer in your cultivation system keeps your plants moist for longer and keeps your greenhouse cleaner. Many of these saucer's sidewalls are still very high so that they can conveniently accommodate between 1 and 3/4 inches of water. The bigger the cup, the higher the sidewall, but even the smallest saucer has a sidewall of about 1/2" to 3/4"

You can use the Gro Pro heavy-duty black saucer in your sophisticated containers without any risk of bending and breaching. The best place to buy them is directly here because you don’t have to worry about finding the right one, explain your setup to us and we will help. These plant saucers are the ideal, the right size, and long-lasting, and they are reusable year after year. They have no plastic ridges on the ground, which is a great advantage if you have such heavy plants

Benefits Of This Product

  • Constructed for the maintenance and transport of potted nursery plants.
  • Many dimensions to fit any requirements.
  • Plastic durable, tough.
  • Removable and washable.
  • Suitable for heavy, big pots

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