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Fert-Alive™ is an organic and enzymatic fertilizer that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms and improves nutrient uptake.

By using organic, non-GMO accelerated cold hydrolysis, our formula locks in the enriching nutrients in the organic material; allowing delivery of superior nutritional value to the plant and soil. Fert-Alive™ naturally creates a unique composting effect as the enzymes break down the nutrients locked in the soil. This provides an excellent food source for soil microbes. Fert-Alive™ – Enzymatic Formula is an easy-to-apply and ready-to-use fertilizer that can be applied throughout your crops’ growth cycle.

Use Fert-Alive™ for…
  • Superior Plant Growth – All stages of plant growth, from seed to harvest.
  • Superior Early Growth – Apply to seedling as a foliar spray
  • Superior Soil Health – Soil quality is improved for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients. Unproductive soil is easily rebuilt and replenished.
  • Superior Plant Health – Establishes long lasting results with improvements in plant color, root development and overall tissue health.
  • Superior Microbial Activity – Provides fast and excellent uptake of food for the growth of beneficial soil microbes and other organisms. Additionally, Fert-Alive provides supplementary macro and micro nutrients.
  • Superior Pest Resistance – Improved soil and plant health leads to improved resistance to pests and fungal diseases.

Fert-Alive™ is the perfect choice for growers seeking superior soil enrichment, less stress on the growing environment and superbly robust crops.

Fert-Alive™ can be used with Organic or synthetic fertilizers.

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