Luster Leaf®

Rapitest Digital Moisture Meter



Instantly determine when to water with the Rapitest Moisture Meter. An invaluable tool for healthy plant growth. Eliminates over and under watering by measuring at the root level.

  • A quick test for soil moisture
  • Includes a watering guide for over 150 plants
  • Easy to use with accurate results

Step 1: Simply push the probe down, as vertically as possible to about 2/3 the depth of the container, and about 1/2 way between the edge of the pot and the stem of the plant. Do NOT push the probe too close to the stem.

Step 2: A tiny amount of electrical energy will be generated by the moisture, which will cause the LCD screen to register moisture levels from 0.0 to 9.9.

Step 3: Remember that soil may look and feel dry on the surface; however, there may actually be no need to water where it counts.

Includes a handy plant care booklet and watering guide for over 150 plants. NO batteries required.


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