4-Strain Storage Box (with drawer)



The 4-Strain Cannador® with drawer is great for someone who likes to keep up 28.34g with four different strains. Each removable glass cup can fit 7.08g (or up to 14.17g ground).


  • 4 rewritable strain labels
  • 4 airtight lids
  • 2 keys

Drawer dimensions are 15.24cm x 13.97cm x 6.67cm

The 4-Strain (with drawer) Cannador® With several layers of wood and a tight sealed beveled edge, you can rest easy that no smell will leak. A drawer for your accoutrements like your grinder and vape will comfortably fit underneath. Cherry is a lighter more blonde colour and walnut is darker brown. The finish is a clear matte to give a more natural look and feel to the wood. 

Upgrade your Cannador® to have the full Humidity Control System which includes VaporBeads by Cannador® and ventilated lids to preserve your cannabis.

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