Earth Medicine

Organic Microbial Fertilizer




Organic Microbial Fertilizer Earth Medicine 

Earth Medicine is a natural agricultural fertilizer that can be used safely on both outdoor and indoor plants. Earth medicine contributes to the development and prospering of microbial life – benefit bacteria and fungi – and balances your soil. 

100% Bio

Earth medicine is 100% biological and environmentally friendly. Use it for natural plant wellbeing and enhanced growth for your cannabis plants or in your gardens.

Features Of Our Organic Microbial Fertilizer:

- certified organic by OMRI and meets standards set by the USDA National Organic Program and the Canadian Organic Standards. 

-8oz/1/2 lb of concentrated organic fertilizer

-Safe for pets and children to touch 

The Institute of Organic Materials Review: OMRI certifies Earth Medicine for agricultural use. The USDA National Organic Program (USDA) and the Canadian Organic Guidelines comply with Earth Medicine standards.

High-Quality Organic Microbial Fertilizer

It goes a long way, with just a little! You get 1⁄2 pound of Organic Microbial Fertilizer in every jar. Earth Medicine This size usually lasts 6-9 months, relying on the average household plant owner's monthly fertilization. This substance is stable on the shelf and will not expire.

Safe for the Environment

Unlike synthetic fertilizers, Earth Medicine fertilizers are not environmentally hazardous. Earth Medicine has produced a product that as closely as possible resembles Mother Nature.  Two main constituents, dairy manure, and straw compose this fertilizer. The method takes almost two years for aerobic composting! The output is a granular fertilizer encapsulated by the mucilage of organic flaxseed.

Increase Your Yield

The addition of organic microbial fertilizers to earth medicine would enable homeowners to develop colorful, nutritious plants. Increasing your cannabis or plant yields and growing nutrients by adding the correct microbes to your soil (something missing in today's new products). Earth Medicine family has more than 15 years of experience cultivating rich nutrient microbial fertilizers, which have proved to return various livelihoods to the earth.

Indoor Weed Growing

Earth Medicine has produced a concentrated, condensed substance that can be applied directly to any indoor or outdoor plant and garden bed top dressing and watering right away.

Bottle with 0.5 lbs sampler: ideal for the first time! Those half-pound bottles are right for you if you are looking at Earth Medicine if you've only had a few plants or want to see how it works. It goes a long way with just a little bit! The average house owner generally uses this size bottle for 6 to 9 months.

2 lb mini growler: the two pounds are great for you, whether you're someone who likes houseplants or an outdoor balcony garden. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants. The average owner of this house typically blows through this bottle in 1-2 years.

Note: Keep in a cool place. Keep in mind that this is a living thing; don't put your earth medicine in a baking sun! - It is best secured on a shelf and never expires!

Instructions: After the implementation of Natural Microbial Fertilizer, water your fields. Water your plants. Water helps lift the protective cover, release the microbial life into the soil, harmony, and fitness to the plant's ecosystem.

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