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In your relentless quest for larger buds that are worth more, you now have an all-organic formula called Nirvana. For organic high value gardening, use this premium 100% organic formula to maximize the size and quality of your buds.

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Product description

When you look at what Nirvana has in it, and how these organics work for you, that’s why Nirvana is the number one choice of growers seeking an organic way to maximize yield and quality.

The benefits keep on coming when you use Nirvana, because it:

  • Contains whey protein that has been pre-digested using enzymes instead of the acid process that most manufacturers use.
  • Enzymatically-hydrolyzed whey protein ensures that flower-boosting amino acids cysteine and tryptophan are preserved in the biologically-active “L” form.
  • Most manufacturers use acid hydrolysis, which destroys L-aminos. When you use Nirvana’s enzymatically-hydrolyzed whey protein, your plants get L-aminos that stimulate floral growth and potency.
  • Another Nirvana benefit comes from two other plants: Chilean Soap Bark and Yucca. These amazing plants produce compounds called surfactants. A surfactant is a compound that reduces the “surface tension” of liquids so they and whatever they contain more easily enter your plants via roots and leaves.
  • Yucca extract and Chilean Soap Bark extract are two all-natural surfactants that transfer nutrients into your plants.

Putting it all together for more organic growth boosters in one easy formula!

As you can imagine, it’s difficult for you to individually source or use these beneficial natural ingredients as individual supplements.

For your convenience, Advanced Nutrients extracted, standardized and combined these powerful compounds into one formula, called Nirvana.

Not only that, but Nirvana is triple-filtered and custom-blended you easily applied as a foliar feed or in any type of hydroponics irrigation root zone system.

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