Earth Medicine

Organic Microbial Fertilizer



Earth Medicine is a granular Organic Microbial Fertilizer that is safe to use on both indoor plants and outdoor gardens. Earth Medicine is 100% biology, organic, non-toxic and safe for the environment. Use it on your plants and in your gardens to naturally increase plant health and vibrancy.

How it Works:

Earth Medicine adds microbial life -beneficial fungi and bacteria - and brings balance to your soil - helping your plants grow and thrive.

Store in a cool place. Remember, this is a living product, so make sure not to leave your Earth Medicine out in the baking sun! - It is shelf stable and doesn’t expire!

Earth Medicine is certified for organic use by the Organic Materials Review Institute - OMRI. Our product is certified to be used in growing organic crops of fruits and vegetables. Earth Medicine meets the standards set by the USDA National Organic Program as well as the Canadian Organic Standards.

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