Budmud Super Soil Bagged | 20L



Budmud Super Soil Bagged

BudMud super soil bagged is organic potting soil with built-in fertilizer for the cannabis plant. It is one of the products that we really like here at The Grow Room because it is simple to use and super-efficient.

Features of Budmud Super Soil Bagged

  • 20 LITRES

Description of Budmud Super Soil Bagged

At BudMud, we start our process with high-quality organic potting soil; after that, we add more than enough organic nutrients, trace elements, minerals, worms castings, mycorrhizae, as well as other amendments specific cannabis, over 15 of them in all.

Apply The Water And Heat

Then we apply water and heat and for several weeks and turn the compost daily to break down nutrients and minerals so they can be used by the plant. As a consequence, the soil grows big buds.

Grow Your Weed

You're on the road to growing your weed with light and water. A refreshing drink of organic compost tea can or top dressing often helps produce better yield and plant health, but BudMud grows excellent cannabis with nothing but water.

Soil Blend

They are providing a single cup with a light-note seed blend, and so the pail is 3/4 of a Budmud, and the bottom 1/4 of a mixture is more prosperous than the theory that the roots get so thick in bloom.


BudMud Super-soil does perform very well depending on your long-term goals, but there is a great deal of soil needed to keep the biodiversity alive. You have to consider micro-macro nutrients which plants feed on, which is why BudMud has loaded their soil to maintain soil biodiversity.

The Grow Room

The Grow Room is always there to provide growing products for your cannabis. We are proud to sell BudMud Super-Soil! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

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