FOOP Organic Biosciences

Canna Starter Pack



FOOP is the ONLY organic line of nutrients and cloning products made from fish poo and over a dozen other organic ingredients, with EVERYTHING high-yielding plants need to flourish.

The FOOP Canna Starter Pack contains 32oz bottles of FOOP Veg 1, FOOP Veg 2, FOOP Bloom 1, FOOP Bloom 2 and FOOP Sweetener.

  • Promotes root growth, thick stalks, and rapid luscious green topical growth.
  • Promotes the development of more fruits, flowers, and buds.
  • Promotes accelerated growth of the beneficial bacteria. Improves flavor. Creates an explosion of trichomes.
  • Works great in soil, coco, and hydroponics.

OMRI Certified.

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