Your First Garden

Author: Dave Sauve

Grow Cannabis

Anyone can grow cannabis, and there are many variations and growing techniques to fit your individual needs. As the slang suggests, cannabis is as resilient as a weed, and like our buddy Ray says, “if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow weed.” 

An outdoor garden which is the most affordable, eco-friendly, and traditional way to cultivate. When using this method, finding the right space in your garden is key to success. Ensure maximum sun exposure, about a meter spacing between plants, ample drainage, and some sort of wind break depending on your geography. 

Outside of the genetics of your plant itself, the most important variables for success are soil, water, and light:

Your Soil

Soil is more than just dirt, it contains the food your plant needs, and provides a home for your plant's roots. We recommend using our super soil mixtures to maximize your chances of success on your first grow. These blends are prepared to ensure your plants receive the water and nutrients they need in order to thrive at each stage of development. 


BudMud SuperPot

The BudMud SuperPot is our favourite method for any level of gardener! The SuperPot is the easiest, most affordable way to grow exceptional organic cannabis at home. All you have to do is add water!

Bud Mud Super Pot

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Water is essential in the growth process, as well as for the delivery of key nutrients throughout your plant. Daily watering may be necessary depending on the drainage in your garden, but be careful not to overwater (plants should have a healthy cycle of wet and dry). Not sure if you need to water your plant? This moisture meter will tell you when it’s time to water.

Tap water can contain unwanted chemicals and minerals that may be harmful to your plants development. We recommend giving your plant clean filtered water, it’s as simple as letting your tap water run through a Brita. If tap water is your only option we also recommend pulling from a reservoir where water has sat for at least 24 hours to give impurities time to evaporate off. To balance the chemicals and minerals in your water we also recommend testing the PH of your water reservoir, and maintaining a balance of about 6.0

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The more light = the bigger the plant! You’ve found a spot that receives sun all day, now what? Lighting is for more than just growth, it actually signals to the plant when to switch stages of development. For this reason, it is important to get your crop planted at the right time of year to match up your plant's life cycle with the grow season.

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Grow Seasons

First Garden

 Vegetative Stage

This is the growth stage of your plant, giving it the strength in structure to hold those big buds down the road. Having 6 or less hours of darkness each day will keep your plant from switching into flowering, so we recommend planting outside sometime in May depending on your location. 

Flowering Stage

This is where your plants produce the big juicy buds we are looking to consume. Plants are signalled that it is time to flower once they start getting more than 6 hours of darkness daily. This lighting cycle tells the plant that the growing season is coming to an end, and it is time to reproduce (ie flower for pollination). For your outdoor plants, this should begin sometime in July/August. 


If you have any more questions on getting your outdoor garden started send us a message here!