What Effect Does the Cold have on Weed Plants During Winter?

Weed Plants During Winter

Cannabis grows best in areas with hot weather and plenty of sunshine, or simply inside. Cannabis is a hard and versatile crop, so you can also grow them in cold weather if you want to. Growing weed in cold weather is not an easy task though. Growing weed in cold weather requires technical ability, a bit of preparation, and a lot of knowledge.

In the countries closer to the tropics, which experience very little cold weather, it's possible to cultivate weed throughout the year. It is also possible to grow indoor weed due to new technologies if you are in Canada for example. Climatic conditions such as humidity and temperature affect the growth of the weed plants.

How Does Cold Effect Weed Plants During Winters?

The different species of weed react differently to cold weather. Temperature below 12 degrees means that your weed plant is at risk of death. The higher temperature contains, the lower concentration of dissolved oxygen. The air around the plant cools to below 18 degrees. Then plant metabolism slows down.

Once the metabolism of plants slows down, the natural growth process becomes less active. For the healthy growth of a plant, the biochemical and enzymatic processes are essential. These processes can't take place in cold weather, thus leaving the weed plant small and weak.

Weed plants winter

Root System of Cannabis

The cold weather directly affects the root system of the weed plant, and roots cannot absorb essential nutrients. Lack of basic nutrients will have a negative effect on the growth of weed plants.

The cold weather hinders the development of different species of weed. During such weather, weed plants develop small buds reduce the production of leaves. Low temperatures directly affect the root system of the plant. Cold weather also affects the taste and aroma of weed flowers.

The cold weather is dangerous for weed plants, especially in their early stages of development. In the first period, the plant needs 20-40 degrees temperature to grow properly. But in the later stage, things are different. If you start growing weed plants in summer, they will be ready before winters to avoid the cold weather in this case.

Magnesium and weed plants

Magnesium is the vital nutrient required by plants for their growth. When the plant's root system doesn't develop properly, the plant cannot produce enough magnesium to continue its average growth. When the temperature is colder than 18 degrees, many nutrients like magnesium are most likely not absorbed by cannabis plants.

Controlling the temperature during the growth of weed plants is essential. Cold weather affects the development of large leaves, leading to visible deficiencies in the other parts of the weed plant. Factors like ambient temperature, light, and dimensions help control the overall temperature according to the plant's needs.

Growing Weed Indoors

If you are growing weed indoors, then make sure to avoid cold temperatures for your weed plants. You can use an oil-filled radiator and wall-mounted electric heaters to maintain the temperature of the room. Having a full grow kit might be the difference between healthy weed plants and dead ones. Let The Grow Room help you grow to your full potential!