Organic Grow with BudsAtHome - A Customer Testimonial

Author: @budsathome
Organic Grow

I never knew how to grow cannabis at all until 2018. My lady says to me "We are having a date night and it’s taking a class on how to grow cannabis." Mind blown right away for me, it really was a surreal moment when we walked into The Grow Room for the first time to take a class on how to grow cannabis. Always wanted to grow but I never knew anybody or had any knowledge on the subject. Once we took the class, I bought a couple BudMud SuperPots and a grow light and I was off. Little did I know the amount of research, time and obsession I would put into it. I put a lot of research into nutrients, plant training and low stress training.

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Right off the hop, I knew I wanted to grow organically and with all my research I wanted to have more control over the nutrients in my medium. That’s when I saw the Gaia Green option at The Grow Room. I bought the All Purpose Fertilizer, and the Power Bloom for my third grow. It was instant love, no more adding ph up or down or mixing nutrients with my water or feeding chemicals to my plants. I reused my soil from the first SuperPots I bought. Mixed the Gaia Green right into the soil, basically making my own super soil. My plants absolutely loved it. I loved it. I never tasted cannabis so fresh and so clean in my life. It’s the fact I actually have control over the plants. The love, care and attention really pays off. If you want medicinal grade cannabis, I suggest using Gaia Green through your plants life cycle. You will not regret it!

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I want to thank The Grow Room for helping me out since they opened in 2018! Legalization day to be exact!! I would have never learned to grow cannabis without you guys.

Happy growing 😊

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