5 Benefits of Growing Your Own Organic Cannabis at Home


So, you are considering growing cannabis at home, but still need some convincing as to why. Here are our top 5 reasons:

1. You will save money

When it comes to growing at home, you are looking at a long-term investment. You can start growing on any budget, but keep in mind this can also impact both the quality and quantity of the cannabis, so you will want to be realistic when deciding this. Despite what you may have heard in the past, your initial investment can be paid off within your first harvest if you invest in the right products. Some growers are even able to save themselves money within their first harvest. While buying from dispensaries is becoming less expensive, nothing can beat the cost savings of doing it yourself! 

Tip: Most plants produce approximately 1 ounce of flower after curing and with a controlled indoor grow, you can manage several crops a year (that's a lot of buds!)

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2. You might just discover a new hobby

With what is happening in the world today, this might be the most important reason of all. Being in lockdown has left a lot of us at home 24/7, bored, and out of tv shows to watch. Gardening has been shown to decrease depression as well as stress, so why not give it a try! It's your hobby, you can start as big or small as you would like. You get the pleasure of observing the slow but tedious process of plant maturation, learning how it develops and what it requires through each phase. Growing cannabis can be a relaxing hobby, where you learn many skills along the way and are rewarded for your hard work and dedication in the end. It is good for both your mental and physical health, and can be pursued by anyone! 

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3. Full control of your plants

Growing your own gives you 100% total control of the plant and what the end product will look like. This means you have the luxury of knowing everything that is used to care for your plant from soil media, nutrients, pesticides, etc. This is really important as you want to use products that are safe for you to use. Not everything you use on your house or garden plants is safe to use on plants intended to for consumption.

This means do your research and choose your products wisely. This is a bonus to doing it yourself as you never know what producers are using when you buy from a dispensary. Growing at home gives you the ability to control and track everything from start to finish. In doing so, you will have total control over setting the quality standards for your grow. If you are new to growing and have no idea where to start, check out our blog post Your First Garden

4. A deeper appreciation for your weed

Not only will you be left with what seems like a never-ending supply of bud, but your appreciation for that flower will exceed your expectations. Like anything, when you know how much passion, hard work, and effort is poured into creating something, you appreciate it that much more. Cannabis is no different. Growing your own cannabis gives you a deeper appreciation for the plant and product. The feeling of smoking your own homegrown cannabis and being proud of the end results is something you can't put into words. 

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 5. You can explore different growing techniques

Growing your own cannabis gives you the freedom to explore different growing methods. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you'd like. You can use certain experimental methods to try and enhance certain qualities you like about the strain you’re growing. Experimenting with different training and pruning techniques can increase bud size and overall yield. This can also benefit cannabinoid and terpene production in plants just as fertilizers do. This ability to experiment can help you fine-tune your favourite strains to your liking. 

If you do grow your own cannabis, you will have endless options for different growing methods and training techniques to experiment with. This is all dependent on how much money you want to invest into your grow. However, even on the smallest budget, there is no limit to what you can do if you are willing to get creative. 

You can experiment with various growing methods, products, and strains. It doesn’t stop there. Because you have full control over your plant and the end product, you can also experiment on the production side. For example, trying to use the whole plant to the best of your ability, as there is a lot more to these plants than just their flower. The sugar leaves can be saved to produce hash, edibles, etc as they are covered in trichomes. The fan leaves with little to no trichomes can be used as rolling papers. And if you really fall in love with growing, you can save seeds and explore breeding your own cannabis. 

Why should I Grow Organically?

Organic fertilizers are products containing natural materials that possess high concentrations of nutrients. Many of these elements and minerals are locked inside the material structure. This includes compost, seaweed, worm castings, and bone meal. When these are added to the soil bacteria and fungi are able to break them down over time, mimicking the natural breakdown of organic matter for the plant to take up nutrients. 

Here at The Grow Room, we always recommend growing organically. Here are a few reasons why:

  •  Cost-Effective 
    • Organic soil is naturally saturated with beneficial microorganisms and nutrients. This means it doesn’t require additional fertilizers, and in turn, it becomes much less expensive. 
  • Health & Safety Benefit
    • Regardless of how you consume your cannabis product, organic is always safer. Synthetic products often leave residuals on or in the plant that cannot be removed. This means when you consume non-organic cannabis, you are allowing those synthetic chemicals into your body.
    • Cannabis is especially known for its ability to pull toxins from soil, making it an even bigger health risk. You can grow healthy plants without using chemicals. This can be done in a number of ways, some include, using organic fertilizers, adding companion plants that deter pests and releasing beneficial insects as pest control.
  • Better Flavour Profile
    • Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers can alter the flavour profile of a plant. Growing organically has been shown to benefit the flavour profile of the plant increasing terpene and flavonoid production.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • In almost all cases, there is less pollution in the air, water, and surrounding ecosystems. Growing organically also means better soil quality, reducing erosion risk from tilling. Growing organically can also help lessen the impact of synthetic fertilizers by maintaining soil health.

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