Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds

Author: Dave Sauve


You Will Need:

  • 2 Clean Plates
  • Paper Towel
  • Distilled Water
  • Cannabis Seeds 
  • A warm location for your seeds to germinate 

(Yup, that's really it!)

Step One

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you begin! 

Step Two

Start by moistening 4 sheets of paper towel with the distilled water; they should be soaked all the way through without excess water running off.      

Step Three

Place 2 of the paper towels onto the plate.

Step Four

Place seeds on the paper towel at least an inch apart - we recommend using sterilized tweezers to avoid any bacteria spread. 

Step Five

Cover the seeds with the other two paper towels and the extra plate to create a dome like structure. This creates the ideal environment for germinating your seeds - dark and humid.

Step Six

Now we wait. Check seeds daily to look for sprouts, moistening paper towels as needed.


Did your seed germinate (did your bean pop)? Nice work! Check out our article on transplanting your germinated seed, also known as a seedling here ------> 


Interested in digging deeper into the germination process? Check out this clip from our buds at Royal Queen Seeds showing several different methods of germination (