How to assemble your cannabis grow tent with The Grow Room

Assemble your cannabis grow tent

In this blog, we will explain how to assemble your cannabis grow tent and how to make sure you get the most out of it. We will try and guide you step by step during the installation of your activated carbon filter, your inline duct fan, how to program your timers and so much more. Let us help you grow to your full potential!


Cannabis Grow Tent

Included with your cannabis grow tent should be manufacturer instructions that you can follow, and each cannabis grow tent is different. The next step will be to connect your activated carbon filter to your inline duct fan. You will connect these with ducting and with your metal duct clamps to make sure it is properly sealed. You want your carbon filter on the left and inline duct fan on the right. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and connect your electrical wire (usually there is only 2).

grow tent

Inline Duct Fan

Using the hangers that are usually included in your Grow Room “Grow Box”, you can now hang your carbon filter as well as the inline fan. 

Quick Tip: Try to place your carbon filter as high as possible in the cannabis grow tent because the hot air always rises. 

The next step is to run ducting from your inline duct fan to the exterior of your grow tent to encourage proper air circulation. You will see that there are holes in the tent that are there for that exact purpose. You can leave one of the holes at the bottom open to work as an air intake for your cannabis grow tent or install a second fan to bring fresh air into your tent. Your air circulation system is now functional and ready to grow!


Grow Light

Now would be the time to install your grow light in your cannabis grow tent. If you are using an LED light, all you have to do is hang the light using the light hangers included with your light. If you are using an HPS or MH light, the first step is to remove the protective film (usually blue) from the reflector and to use the wires to connect it to the ballast. The next step is pretty easy, you need to mount the bulb into your lamp holder and properly hang your reflector above your cannabis grow tent. 


Temperature And Humidity In The Cannabis Grow Tent

Another important step is to check the humidity and the temperature inside your tent. Having a stable temperature and humidity level will allow you to get the most out of your weed crops. 

Quick Tip: Use a thermometer/hygrometer placed about 60 cm from your plants, making sure that it is at an equal distance from the top of your plants and your light. Checking the thermometer/hygrometer every day is the best way to know if everything is alright in your cannabis grow tent.

cannabis grow tent


The Timer 

The final step is to set a timer for your cannabis grow tent. This timer will allow you to set the light cycle and ensure your plants are getting the proper amount of “day time” and “night time." Once the lights are connected to the timer, set one more timer for the inline duct fan. The fan is usually on without interruption when the lights are on and you can set the timer to go on every 15 minutes during “night time”. 

Quick Tip: You should use a 18/6 schedule when your weed plants are growing and a 12/12 schedule when they are blooming. 


Your Cannabis Grow Tent

You are now ready to start using your cannabis grow tent! Don’t forget to check out our other blogs for more information or to visit us in-store.