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Scientists Discover Ancient Volcanic Rock Guaranteed To Enhance Plant Growth And Maximize Your Bloom Phase!

Advanced Nutrients
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Product description

Sometimes, the best plant maximizing formulas are 100% organic… millions of years old… and they’re not popular or well-known in our country. In fact, some of these formulas and plant-maximizing supplements are “ancient secrets” that only a privileged few ever discover… This Organic Volcanic Substance Contains Amazing Plant Potentiating Properties…

The Benefits:

  • It contains hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and complex chain acid compounds for enhanced plant vitality and harvest potency…
  • It promotes root activity, making it easier for plants to absorb essential elements…
  • It promotes a stronger, more nutrient healthy plant…
  • It’s a natural chelator which enhances your plants ability to get the nutrients they need…
  • It enhances nutrient absorption, the transport of those nutrients throughout plants…

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